Vessel Sinks For Every Style

Vessel sinks so often fall into the modern category when it comes to style, but they’re really compatible with traditional and transitional styles, too.  The more angular vessel sink that usually comes to mind fits the modern style, but if you go with a vessel sink that has a textured floral pattern with a nice round bowl, it very much  emphasizes the traditional style. Transitional vessel sinks are beautiful in a metal or glass, and tend to have softer angles than a modern vessel sink, but typically not the intricate details you’ll find in a traditional one.

Vessel sinks make beautiful accent pieces to vanities. They add a unique design statement that you’re not going to see in every bathroom. However, there are a few things to consider, such as selecting a faucet that allots enough clearance over the sink and the fact that the vanity will have to be lower to account for the height of the sink. Both are elements that don’t really come into play with undermount sinks.

In terms of popularity, many people still opt for the understated look of an undermount sink, so choosing a vessel sink is an easy way to stand out and make a style statement in your bathroom or powder room.

Choosing the right sink for your bathroom or powder room is just one of many elements you need to pull together for a stunning design. Set up a time to talk with one of our Designers about your bathroom remodeling plans, or visit our photo gallery to find some design inspiration. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok to get the latest design trends delivered straight to your feed.


modern powder room with floating vanity



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