The Sleekest Sink Solution

Sometimes the perfect bathroom solution is right there, it just takes a bit of reconfiguring. One example is shifting away from the idea of a double vanity in a smaller bathroom and toward one basin with two faucets. Normandy Remodeling designer Leslie Lee says, “If your hall bathroom is a little cramped but there’s 48″ or more of space to work with you can put one of these in.”

Leslie says these are great for children’s shared bathrooms because each child has their designated space for handwashing, teeth brushing and other important sinkside business.

“It’s a fun and eye-catching option,” Leslie says.

Her tip for the sleekest look is to choose single-lever faucets. These make the sink feel bigger and only need two holes drilled for placement. “It makes the space feel bigger and keeps the look clean.”

Keeping the actual sink clean is up to the family,but when a bathroom is this welcoming, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Do you have a bathroom where this style could shine? Talk with Leslie about the possibilities. We invite you to join us for an upcoming virtual webinar for more ideas. You can also find inspiration in the Normandy Remodeling photo galleries and on Facebook and Instagram.


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