Top Three Home Addition Regrets

Additions are a great option for homeowners who need some extra space, but want to stay in their current neighborhood. However, there are a few items to consider before moving forward. Here are three of the biggest home addition concerns that many homeowners encounter, and tips from Normandy Designer Vince Weber for how to avoid them.

An Undersized Addition – Sometimes, you just want a little more room. But there is a fine line between not adding enough space and doing too much.

“Size is a double-edged sword,” said Vince. “While your decision has an effect on the cost of the project, it also affects your future enjoyment of the space and the overall investment of your home.”

Not Matching the Existing Style of Your Home – In terms of interior choices, it is
important that the addition be a continuation of your current home. Therefore, all the trim should match and there should be a continuation of your current flooring.

“Matching the existing exterior materials and style will help make the addition look as though it was original to the home,” noted Vince. “Cutting corners with cheaper materials or choosing a drastically different style for the addition will do more harm than good, as it creates a more jarring appearance between the existing and new area.”

Brick versus Siding – If your home is comprised of brick, consider matching the existing look as opposed to selecting siding.

“Oftentimes, if the addition is in the back of the home, siding is preferred because it is a less expensive option. However, siding screams addition,” said Vince. “I recommend starting with the idea of having the addition look like it was built on the home, to begin with. Start there, look at cost, and then make changes if you need to find some savings.”

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