Sizing up a Square Bathtub

Freestanding soaking tubs have become a common sight among many primary bathroom remodels, but as they have gained ground in popularity, you may have noticed that they often have a very similar shape. For those of us that are looking for something with more of a modern edge, or just like the aesthetic of straight lines, these freestanding square(ish) bathtubs may be just what you need.

Square bathtubs, not surprisingly, have a very angular shape. Although not a perfect ninety degree angle, these bathtubs are all about straight, clean lines, at least from the outside.

One of the first questions you may have about these unique tubs may be about their comfort, because let’s face it, lounging at an upright angle doesn’t exactly scream cozy. “Most square bathtubs actually feature a sloped and curved interior, which conforms to your shoulder’s curvature and offers ample lower back support,” says Normandy Designer John Long. “In other words, the inside has contours and curves that make it far more comfortable and they aren’t at all as rigid and straight as the exterior.”

You’d think that since square bathtubs have those nice square lines, they would take up less room and save a bit of space. “In reality, they need even more floor space than their rounded counterparts,” John notes. “Their sharper angles require more open space around all sides of the bathtub to make sure you don’t have an unwelcome bump on the corner as you walk by.”

On the plus side, these uniquely shaped square tubs may have a hidden safety benefit. “Since their edge is more defined, their rectangular shape may actually help provide a better grip to assist you as you enter and exit the tub,” John mentions. “Due simply to the shape of a typical rounded bathtub, there is just less of the upper edge to grasp, and the straight lines of the square tub make it more likely that a quick grab for a steady edge will actually connect.”

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