What is a Toe Kick Vent and Why Would I Want One?

Ever had the pleasure of stepping on a floor vent in the bathroom? If yes, you know just how uncomfortable of an experience it can really be. Combine that with the often unfortunate placement of the vent being directly in front of your vanity, and you have a new level of annoyance. I mean all those dropped earrings, q-tips, and mascara brushes that have slipped between those grates could’ve saved you a fortune, right?

The placement of your heating and cooling vent isn’t set in stone, and may be one of the little annoyances you’re hoping to remedy when you remodel your bathroom.  And while the bad news is that you probably can’t move your vent too far from its current location, there is still a silver lining.

First a little Cabinetry 101. “Most bathroom vanity cabinets are made up of two  boxes stacked on top of each other. The one you’re familiar with has the door on it and lets you store all your necessities,” notes Normandy Designer Becca Ruggiero. “Below that useful box is a much shorter, smaller box that’s held back from the front of your cabinet and is referred to as the ‘toe kick.’ There’s not much that this space is used for, but it is the perfect place to extend the duct work and flip your vent on its side and voila – you have a vented toe kick!”

Not only will this make for a much more comfortable bathroom experience (think warm air blowing on your cold toes), but your room’s floor tile and overall design will greatly appreciate it too.

What’s so nice about vented toe kicks is that you can either blend them into the cabinetry so they virtually disappear, or use it as an opportunity to stand out. “We’ve done a pretty metal grill pattern instead of the standard camouflage options and the added pop of style really helps a space,” shares Becca. “When you’re trying to diminish the look of the vent, you can also tuck it behind the decorative toe kick arch of the cabinetry,” notes Becca. “You have to be careful with this option though, because it can block the airflow somewhat, so keep that in mind as you’re contemplating your options.”

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