Radiator Covers: The Perfect Accent to Your Vintage Home

home radiator coverIn the Chicago area, we are known for our beautiful architecture. While we’re lucky enough to live in and among beautiful new homes and striking vintage houses, older homes can provide some unique challenges. Take heating for example, modern homes often have forced air for heating and cooling, but older homes often come with a boiler and radiator system.

“While radiators aren’t necessarily an issue from a functional perspective, remodeling your home often means updating the look, and the look of a radiator isn’t usually compatible with all design styles,” notes Normandy Designer Ashley Noethe. “Radiator covers can be just the answer you’re looking for to cover up these problem areas and create an aesthetically pleasing space. Not only are these covers a decorative solution, but they can also provide additional counter-top space in areas such as your bathroom or kitchen.”

Radiator covers serve as a safety precaution as well. “Since radiators run hot, bumping into one may result in an injury,” Ashley says. ”Especially in tight spaces such as bathrooms, or for families with younger children, radiator covers conceal the surface heat and add an extra layer of protection for any mishaps that may occur.”

When choosing a radiator cover for your home, be mindful of the durability of your materials. “Since the Midwest experiences cold and hot temperatures and extreme humidity swings, wooden radiator covers will consistently expand and contract throughout the year,” Ashley notes. “This causes painted finishes to crack and stained finishes to separate and expose unfinished areas. For heat bearing systems, consider implementing a metal mesh within the vents for a functional yet durable exhaust area.” This not only is a more durable solution, but offers an opportunity to create a stylish design that fits over the aesthetic of the room or house.

Most importantly, be creative when installing radiator covers. When approached as an opportunity, these tiny-but-might concealers can be used as a focal point in a room. “Creating a standout piece is a perfect option to add an authentic touch to more traditional-styled homes,” Ashley adds. “You can also use a variety of counter-top materials such as marble, which give you the added benefit of transferring some of the heat, making it the perfect spot to leave your gloves so they are warm and ready to wear on even the coldest days.”

Radiator covers are one of those authentic touches that can give your home that extra level of polish. If you’re planning an addition or major remodel to your vintage home, set up a time with Ashley to discuss the possibilities. Make sure to also follow Normandy Remodeling on Instagram and Facebook for even more home tips and inspiration


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