No ‘Double-Trouble’ Bathroom

Sharing a bathroom with a sibling can be tough to stay out of each other’s hair. And as parents you know you’ll need to plan for their pre-teen and teen years. So, our Normandy Designers came up with a layout that keeps harmony for the whole family.

Two vanities and sinks

Below are the Designers’ tips on keeping the peace when sharing a bathroom:

  Separate sinks for washing up.
√  Lower storage cabinet doors open back to back for easy access.
√  Each sibling gets their very own outlet for styling and grooming tools.
  Separate medicine cabinets that open in opposite directions to store their personal products.
  Separate hand towels by each of their sinks.
√  Fixtures above each mirror for even lighting.hall bathroom with double vanity
√  Separate shower and toilet area for privacy, away from the sinks, for privacy.

This bathroom design is what every preteen and teenager hopes for and is sure to create family harmony for years to come. For more remodeling inspiration follow us on Instagram or Facebook, or get started on your own addition or renovation by visiting one of our showrooms.


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