Mismatched Personalities? Find Harmony with Matching Vanities

Separate VanitiesDo you feel like you are in an episode of the Odd Couple when you discuss the state of your master bathroom with your partner? Is one of you a little messy and the other a neatnik? Two totally separate vanities on different sides of the bathroom allow you to enjoy privacy and a space all to yourself and may just stop the daily annoyances.

“If the layout allows, separate vanities are a great way to allow ample space for two people to get ready at the same time,” said Normandy Designer Ashley Noethe. “It’s also an opportunity to play with symmetry.”

If you choose to have two sinks with two separate vanities, consider what each of you uses the vanity for each day. Most likely you will have two very different set of needs and can plan accordingly. Pair matching sinks with similar vanities that have customized interiors to suit each person’s daily and storage needs.  You can incorporate a charging station for a razor, a shelf for a hair dryer or tray dividers for creams and lotions.

“Having separate vanities is a good way to fill up space in a large bathroom,” said Ashley “Especially if you are removing an oversized tub with a surround.”

If your layout doesn’t lend itself to two separate vanity locations, there are still ways to incorporate a sense of personal space. Install a seating area inthe middle of the vanities for applying cosmetics, drying your hair or other necessary preparations in the morning. A bank of drawers or an open unit placed in the middle of each vanity helps distinguish space for each person, while placing shared storage within easy reach for both.

If you share your bathroom, separate vanities can give you a little extra wiggle room and take the stress out of your daily routine.  If you are looking to remodel your master bathroom or are contemplating more extensive changes to your home, you can set up a time with Ashley to talk about the possibilities. Check out the photo gallery or follow Normandy Remodeling on Facebook and Instagram for even more bathroom tips and inspiration.


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