Everything to Know About Heated Toilet Seats

Yes, heated toilet seats are a thing! It’s easy to overlook an everyday Kohler heated toilet seat amenity, but “heated toilet seats are the perfect way to incorporate just a touch of luxury into your bathroom experience,” says Normandy Designer Becca Ruggiero. A heated toilet seat is just as its name implies, is a toilet seat with an integrated heating element.

“Those of us who live in the Midwest are especially drawn to heated toilets seats as the cold winter snows on,” Becca states. “Whether your bathrooms always chilly or you’re looking for ways to get through those I-can’t-leave-my-bed mornings, heated toilet seats are an inexpensive way to incorporate an added heating component within your bathroom.”

“Heated toilet seats are easy to install as they simply plug in to a GFI power source,” added Becca. “They also come programmed with an adjustable heat setting, perfect for year round comfort.”

Heated toilet seats range in price from a few hundred dollars for Kohler heated toilet seat standard models, to over a thousand for more elaborate features. “They’re available with a built in night light, fragrance, or even a bidet option,” says Becca. Smart phone compatibility is another option where users can simply download an app to schedule when they would like their heated toilet seat to reach their desired temperature.

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