Close The Gap With Cabinets

Gray painted kitchen cabinets with appliance garage

When you envision your ideal countertops, they’re likely sleek and free of clutter. To make that neat and tidy fantasy a reality in your kitchen remodel, consider adding in counter wall cabinets, also called garage appliance cabinets. Doing so keeps your toaster, juicer and any other gadgets close at hand but hidden.

If these terms are new to you, that’s okay, they’re technical terms for cabinets that reach all the way to the counter.

“Counter wall cabinets are a super versatile option,” enthuses Normandy Designer Kathryn O’Donovan. “You can stash your unsightly coffee maker there or create a spot for your KitchenAid so you’ll never have to lug it White kitchen with cabinets that go to the counter again.”

appliance garage with pocket doorsEven if you’re a kitchen minimalist who has never been tempted by the latest countertop roaster or slow cooker, you might want to consider creating a mini command center. “We always put in outlets, and  often times these days customers request USBs,” Kathryn says, adding, “You can have a place to charge all your devices and stash your mail out of sight.”

Pantry items and bulky things fit nicely in the upper section. Or show off a collection with glass fronts up top. After all, personal style is as much about what you reveal as what you conceal.

Decorative cabinet that goes to the counter

While they’re not ideal for smaller kitchens, if you have the space, definitely consider the sightline lengthening and storage capabilities of longer cabinets. You might be delighted at the ease and attractiveness they bring to your daily routine.

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