Fun with Cabinetry Feet

cabinet with trio of drawers with a custom spice pull outA beautiful kitchen is all in the details. One way to step up your design is with cabinetry feet. These feet come in different shapes, sizes and styles to help enhance your space. If you are interested in learning more, here are a few ideas from Normandy Designer Karen Chanan to get you started off on the right ‘cabinetry’ foot.

“Bun cabinetry feet are often associated with traditional designs,” said Karen. “However, cabinetry feet can be contemporary too – think a simple metal foot.”

Decorative feet can help give pieces like islands, armoires and hutches a furniture-like aesthetic. Additional detailing such as an arched toe kick can also help enhance the effect. Feet also work well if you pull out the kitchen sink a few inches and place them on the cabinetry below.

The kitchen isn’t the only place to incorporate cabinetry feet either.

“You can set apart your bathroom vanity by incorporating different options for the feet,” said Karen. “This works really well a powder room. This is because vanities in powder rooms tend to be a stand-alone piece. Adding feet makes them a little more decorative.”

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bathroom vanity with decorative cabinetry feetOrnate vanity doormake up area with large mirror


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