Butler Pantry Ideas

butler pantry ideas created by Normandy Designer Vince Weber Butler pantries are often used for storing your nicer dining, table and silverware, rather than food as a regular pantry stores.  Years ago, European butlers would sleep in the pantry to essentially guard the homeowner’s silver, hence the name “butler’s pantry”.  Nowadays, the butler’s pantry will often have a countertop to prepare drinks and arrange appetizers before bringing them out to guests.  It’s a great 1008-1_ 1061space for a beverage cooler and storing wine, as well. Typically, your butler’s pantry will be located in a transition room, such as between the kitchen and the dining room for quick access and easy disposal of trays and glasses when your guests have finished with them.  They usually match whatever style your kitchen is, so if you have a traditional kitchen, your butler pantry should also be traditional.






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