Bathrooms Without Tubs a Growing Trend

To take out the bathtub or not take out the bathtub – that is the question many homeowners are struggling with.  It seems the days of soaking in the bath have run their course, and people would rather have a bigger, more luxurious shower with body sprays, rainfall showerheads, and the like.  So what is the right answer to this dilemma?  Normandy Designer Karen Chanan says, “as long as there’s another bathtub in the home, taking out the bathtub in the master bath or whichever room you desire, is perfectly fine.  It’s truly about personal preference in this case.”

bathroom without shower

In fact, many homeowners are taking the money that they would spend on a new tub, and allocating more for higher-end materials for their shower such as porcelain or natural stone.  “Taking the bathtub out opens a few doors for homeowners, the first being that it’s going to make the bathroom as a whole look more spacious,” comments Karen, “Another pro is that the shower becomes a built-in focal point where you can incorporate tile mosaics, benches, niches and so much more useful, yet functional extras.

bathroom without showerSo many people tell me that the only time they use their bathtub is when they’re dusting it; it just makes sense to make your bathroom work for you and fit your needs.” If you’re a person who loves soaking in the tub and uses it quite often, then taking it out wouldn’t be a plausible option; although there are so many more styles and ways to incorporate a tub into the bathroom than there were 10 years ago, and it’s well worth looking into before your bathroom remodel begins.  As Karen said, it’s all about personal preference.  Once you’ve decided whether or not a bathtub is something you’d like to incorporate or take out, schedule an appointment with Karen to collaboratively figure out how to achieve an ideal bathroom that meets your needs, both in regards to function and style.


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