Bathroom Niche Shelving Moves Beyond the Shower

When deciding whether or not to add a wall niche to the bathroom, it is important to keep in mind the purpose of the shelving. Unlike typical wall shelving, niche shelving is recessed into the wall. This provides homeowners the opportunity to add accent colors, decorative elements and lighting, which further highlight the space.

“If you are looking to make the most of your bathroom walls and storage,” says Normandy Designer Karen Chanan, “bathroom niche shelving provides a unique look and can create additional storage in an often forgotten space. When located at the end of the bathtub, niches are also great for storing soap, candles and other accent pieces, without creating clutter around the tub,” added Karen. “A deep wall niche is convenient for towels, baskets, and larger miscellaneous products as well.”

Niche shelving works well with every bathroom style and adds greater dimension to the space, all while creating additional storage. Niche shelving is more frequently found in a square or rectangular shape, however, can also have added curves to fit the style of the bathroom.

Stone wall niche            Bathroom storage wall niche


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