2014 Remodeling Excellence Award

Burr Ridge Kitchen With Old World Appeal

The homeowner’s goal for this rustic, European-inspired kitchen remodeling project was to create a soothing space that retained a high-end European feeling. Due to being frequent entertainers and avid chefs, it was important to the homeowners to keep the space open and functional, while introducing personal touches and really making the space their own. “The kitchen area seamlessly blends with the rustic, yet refined, style that is seen throughout the home,” says Normandy Designer Leslie Lee. “A walk through this home, feels like walking through a gorgeous Tuscan villa, and it was important to have the kitchen reflect that same feeling.” By adding custom cabinetry full of details, Leslie was able to enhance the old world Italian feel the homeowners were eager to accomplish.

Custom molding, cabinetry profiles, pilasters and cabinet feet were added to the space to bring decorative details and visual interest. “Although we added several colors to the space, we were able to maintain a cohesive look with the cabinetry elements that were used throughout,” added Leslie. “The kitchen island pedestal and refrigerator armoire bring a furniture-like quality to the space as well.”

Accessibility was key to the successful design of this family-friendly kitchen. Lower cabinetry drawers were incorporated for convenience and the kitchen island is the ideal space for cooking, baking and crafts. The radius countertop allows for comfort and safety, while the thick countertop edge compliments the luxurious furniture feel seen throughout.  Spice cubbies were included in the hood space, which reduced visual clutter of the countertop, customized dividers within the island cabinetry drawers and an updated corner hutch with retractable doors and shelving to hide small appliances.

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) of Greater Chicagoland, recently awarded Leslie with a First Place 2014 Remodeling Excellence Award for this residential kitchen design.

Industry peers applaud Leslie’s attention to detail and the creative solutions she was able to incorporate into this Italian-Inspired kitchen, and many of her other award winning projects.  If you’d like to have her take a look at your space and discover its potential, schedule a complimentary, in-home consultation with her today!

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