The Couple That Works Together…

TTPlans-300x261They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but what do they say about the couple that lives and works together?  Well, Normandy Designers Tony and Terry Tondelli do just that, sharing their lives and their work.

As a Husband and Wife who both work as Designers for Normandy Remodeling, Tony and Terry Tondelli have found that being colleagues has made their relationship stronger in some ways, while also providing a great many benefits to their professional lives.

“So many of our similarities and differences that have made our marriage strong, also add strength to our work,” says Tony.  Terry and Tony have both found great success designing and building additions, kitchens, and other renovations.  When working on a particularly challenging solution for a client, they frequently brainstorm solutions or ideas together to take advantage of a fresh perspective or capitalize on their spouse’s expertise.

“I have always admired his vast knowledge of this business,” says Terry.  “Tony started out swinging a hammer and has hands-on experience in virtually every aspect of construction.  I would be crazy not to take advantage of his expertise, and I do seek his advice on all complicated structural and construction issues.”

Tony has extensive experience with additions and major remodels, with particular strength in solving structural challenges.  Terry finds excitement and fulfillment when working through detailed interior selections and helping her client find the products that are just right for their homes.  Their skills and personalities complement each other, and they use each other’s strengths to help them create stunning renovations for their clients.

TTsitting-300x225For as often as their lives at the office intersect, they keep their projects and large portions of their workday separate.  Terry enjoys the bustle of the main office for her design and research while Tony prefers to work in the quiet of his home office.  “By having regular time in our own worlds, creates a sense of balance in the relationship and keeps work from taking over our entire day,” says Terry.

Having been married for nearly 30 years, the Tondelli’s have learned how to weave some couple time into their workdays, which can frequently extend well into the evening.  Whether it is stopping for ice cream after completing a site visit together or chatting about upcoming projects while unwinding in the hot tub, their personal and professional lives have blended together with an enviable balance.


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