Sharing the Knowledge with Ongoing Design Training

Anthony Tondelli providing design trainingThe Normandy Design Team undergoes weekly training sessions to learn about the latest product offerings, stay on top of current trends, and share the collective knowledge that the team has gained through their experiences.  In today’s meeting one of Normandy’s veteran designers, Tony Tondelli, was explained how to manage potential rainwater issues in certain roofing situations.  The team also learned about new plumbing fixtures, saw some amazing design solutions that were recently completed, and discussed possible solutions to a challenge that was faced during construction.  “One of the great things about the design team here at Normandy is the willingness of every member of the team to share what they’ve learned with the group,” says Normandy Design Manager Troy Pavelka. “When you get 14 skilled designers collaborating and sharing, our clients always come out the winner; through better solutions, more innovative products, and smoother remodeling experiences.”

Many members of the Normandy Design Team have won national and regional design awards and hold certifications or advanced degrees including Master’s Degrees in Architecture, LEED certifications, CKD (Certified Kitchen Designer), and AKBD (Associates Degree in Kitchen & Bath Design), as well as years of construction and field experience.  Their experience, training, and regular involvement with projects in the field bring a wealth of knowledge to the group, and their camaraderie and willingness to share help put that knowledge to beneficial use on each and every project.


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