How to Reset Your Garbage Disposal

kitchen sinkWe are all guilty of putting too much waste in the garbage disposal once in a while, or accidentally turning it on without realizing there was a rogue spoon hiding under the splash guard. Thankfully, when these incidents arise, our disposals have a safety setting in place that will automatically turn off the motor.

“When your garbage disposal turns off due to to a jam, it is usually a simple matter of resetting it,” said Normandy Production Manager Chris Beck. “The system is very similar to a circuit breaker. If there is any resistance to the motor then it will trip the reset button–like if you blew a fuse in your home.”

“Ultimately, this safety measure was put in place so that the disposal does not turn on when we stick our hands in there to find out what is causing the issue,” added Chris.

No matter the make or model of your garbage disposal, here are three easy steps to getting your motor back up and running:

kitchen sink

1. Flip the off switch: Although the disposal has been shut down, you should always turn the switch off and unplug the disposal before you reach in to clear the blockage.

2. Clear the blockage: Once the disposal is officially off, you are clear to remove the offending items.

3. Hit Reset: Head underneath your sink and reach under the bottom of the disposer. There will be a button, which will reset the motor once pressed.

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