What is a Polished Countertop Finish?

Polished CountertopChoosing a countertop material and color can make for some tough decisions when you are going through a kitchen remodel.  After you find a material and shade that’s just right, you may breathe a sigh of relief, but it’s important to know that the finish you choose for your countertop can have a dramatic impact on the material’s final look.  While there are many options, including honed and leathered, polished countertops are another choice that can add some luster to your kitchen.

The high gloss, sophisticated look of a polished countertop finish is extremely popular and widely seen in today’s kitchens. Overall, the countertop treatment results in a sleek surface that is highly reflective. It also has a finished seal that closes the pores of the countertop material. This helps to repel moisture, avoid stains, and makes it easier to keep clean.

“With a polished finish, you will occasionally have to reseal your countertops to maintain their high shine,” said Normandy Designer Karen Chanan. “How often you reseal is based upon a variety of factors such as the type of materials and sealer used.”

Polished countertop “You will also want to wipe your countertops daily with the appropriate cleaning products,” added Karen.

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