Not Your Mother’s Neutral

It’s safe to say, incorporating black within your kitchen is not a trend so much as a modern staple. With the light and bright kitchen trend still in full swing, homeowners are now looking to also incorporate bolder colors, and what neutral is more bold than black?

You may be asking yourself exactly where to incorporate black in your kitchen and the answer is – everywhere. “Whether in your cabinetry, hardware, faucetry, paint, countertops, or tile, you name it, the options are limitless,” says Normandy Designer Kathryn O’Donovan.

Having an alternative to the more commonly used neutrals such as beige, white, and gray tends to be exactly why people are drawn to black. “Not only is it a chic and dramatic choice, but it’s a bold choice that also happens to match with everything,” says Kathryn. “When integrated correctly, black fits any style from modern to traditional and everything in between.”

When choosing to integrate black within your kitchen, be mindful of a few things. “The amount of black you incorporate in your kitchen design depends on the amount of natural light you have or are planning to have in your kitchen,” Kathryn adds. “The size of your kitchen is another deciding factor when incorporating black, as dark colors absorb light and can make a small kitchen feel even smaller.”

Whether you’ve considered black for your kitchen in the past, or are just toying around with the idea, set up a time with Kathryn to talk about ideas for your kitchen renovation. You can also find more inspiration anytime when you visit Normandy Remodeling on Facebook or Instagram.


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