Linear Shower Drains for Style and Safety

White tiled stand alone shower with linear drainIf you’re planning a stand-alone shower for a new bathroom remodel, you’re probably thinking about a beautiful, tiled floor. The shower drain is likely an afterthought but there are more options than you might expect.

Linear shower drains, generally rectangular in shape, are a streamlined solution for both design aesthetic and better ergonomics for bare feet.

Normandy Designer Jackie Jensen explains, “Because the placement of a linear shower drain isn’t in the center of a shower’s floor, wet feet have a better grip on the tiles. This means more comfort and increased safety.”

As for style, linear drains are often chosen for clean, sleek, contemporary bathroom remodels. “They are also used in traditional style bathrooms, because the drain can be incorporated into the tile design making it fade into the background,” Jackie notes.

When done right, linear drains don’t even look like a drain since they can be tiled over and virtually disappear.

But they still do the job, more efficiently than a small, round drain, in fact. Linear drains are form and function at their best.

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