Juliet Balconies Increase Curb Appeal

juliette balcony exteriorJuliet balconies are a great way to reap some of the benefits of a balcony with a more economic budget in mind.  They increase your home’s curb appeal because they add more architectural interest to what otherwise might be an exterior that looks like every other home on the block.  “Oftentimes Juliet balconies are incorporated into a home to reinforce an architectural style,” says Normandy Designer Manager Troy Pavelka.  “They allow more natural light and fresh air into a room, which is half the reason homeowners want balconies to begin with.  While Juliet balconies aren’t functional like a normal balcony, there are a lot of parts of the country where people aren’t able to enjoy the functional aspect year-round; combine that with the cost-saving opportunity and that’s when people opt for a Juliet balcony.”

“Something to consider with Juliet balconies, is that you don’t want to put them over another room, such as a garage, because it creates a big opportunity for leaking and similar malfunctions to the roof,” commented Troy.  For other ideas to increase your home’s curb appeal, take a look at other home exterior photos.


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