Containing the Back to School Chaos

You have your school supply list, a pencil, and a comfortable pair of shoes. You’re ready to brave the back-to-school shopping rush. But once you’ve got the new backpack, jackets, gym shoes, and all the other required gear – where do you put it?

The issue of where to put all this “stuff” isn’t just an issue for when you first come home from the store. Every day when the little tykes run home, it can be a challenge to corral everything that inevitably finds its way into your house, without your foyer or entry descending into chaos. One of the most popular approaches today is to take advantage of a mudroom, first-floor laundry room, or even a nook or wall near the main entrance, and add individual lockers or cubbies. One cubby per family member means that everyone has a place to put all their stuff when they come in the door, and more importantly, know where to find it when it’s needed again.

This has benefits for everyone, not just the kids. You’ll never misplace your keys, briefcase, purse, or phone if you have a consistent location for each item.  I’ve even known households to have a cubby for the beloved family dog so that leashes, towels, or doggie jackets are always readily available when they’re needed.

A good mudroom-style space will have a place for a jacket, a spot for a bag, a shelf for phones, keys, etc, and a shelf for at least one or more pairs of shoes. Can’t find a place in your home to create a locker or cubby-type application? Maybe a little help from Normandy will bring you closer to your goal. We’ve included a reconfiguration of existing space for several projects to create a better flow in and out of the house…and in the process, we’ve created the ideal place to add those very useful cubbies.


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