What’s the Difference Between a Chrome and Nickel Finish?

Tall kitchen faucet with integrated spray
Nickel Kitchen Faucet
Chrome Faucet in a modern kitchen
Chrome Kitchen Faucet

Chrome and nickel finishes look very similar, but upon close examination, you’ll find some notable differences in three categories that you should consider before selecting your cabinet hardware or plumbing fixtures.

Finish:  Nickel tends to have more of a soft, warm finish.  Chrome will have a cooler and brighter finish.  You can typically find brushed and polished options in both finishes.

Cost:  Chrome will usually be more cost-effective than a nickel.

Maintenance:  Chrome is a durable, low-maintenance finish. There are two types of nickel finishes, PVD and silver nickel. The more commonly used nickel, PVD, has been available for decades and is low maintenance.   Silver nickel is considered a “living finish” and is a luxury finish, with rich subtle color that needs to be cleaned with special care.

dual sets of fixtures to allow for concurrent his and hers showering
Chrome Shower Fixtures
walk-in shower with mother of pearl inlay tile
Nickel Shower Fixtures

Selecting a finish for your fixtures and hardware is just one of the many choices you’ll make when planning your remodeling. Fortunately, the Normandy Designers are excellent at helping you make the choice that’s right for your home, your lifestyle, and your budget.

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