Bidet Your Way

You may have seen a bidet in your travels, perhaps at a hotel in Europe or Asia, but never really considered one for your home. Although bidets have been popular for a very long time around the world, they hadn’t really found their place in the US. However, it seems like that might be starting to change.

“Traditional bidets are a separate fixture that cleans users immediately after using the toilet. They are more common in European countries, and are an eco-friendly alternative that reduces the need for toilet tissue,” says Normandy Designer Becca Ruggiero.

While a stand-alone bidet is still an option, more people who are looking for the bidet’s cleaning function are opting for a toilet that includes a bidet seat, which serves both functions in a single fixture.  “The integrated bidet seats can really be quite luxurious,” notes Becca. “In many cases, you can control the temperature of the water and the force and direction of the spray. Quite a few even have a drying function, which completely removes the need for toilet tissue. There are even models with heated seats or built-in deodorizing options.”

“One of the hesitations people have about adding a bidet or bidet seat is a question of cleanliness of the fixture, which is ironic because they actually provide the user with a much higher level of clean than toilet tissue alone,” says Becca. “What people may not know is that the majority of integrated bidet seats have a cleaning process for the spray wand that keeps everything hygienic. The wand rinses itself before and after use, and has an automatic UV disinfecting procedure that takes place every 24 hours.”

Adding a basic bidet feature to your bathroom can be done fairly simply, or it can be part of a major overhaul of your entire space. If you’re contemplating adding a bidet as a part of your bathroom remodel,  set up a time with Becca to learn more about your options. You can also keep up to date with the latest products, tips and trends by following Normandy Remodeling on Facebook and Instagram, where you’ll find even more home inspiration.



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