Best Soothing Bathroom Colors

gray blue tile mosaic bathroom ideas created by normandy designer ann stockardThe ultimate goal of this bathroom was to be a soothing, calming retreat for the homeowners.  Whentub deck and shower bench ideas created by Normandy Designer Ann Stockard you’re going for that spa-like aesthetic, a big part of the design is going to be the colors you choose.  “Not only are grays and blues popular colors for bathrooms right now, but people also find them to be incredibly soothing,” says Normandy Designer Ann Stockard.  “Keeping that in mind, we went with gray and blue tile mosaic accents throughout this bathroom.

“When it came to the shower, we chose natural colors to complement the blues and grays.  The pebble flooring in the shower added to the spa-like the inspiration the homeowners desired,” commented Ann.  “To make the most of the space, I had the curve of the tub deck double as a bench in the shower.”

“While the blue and gray color scheme worked well for this bathroom, I think it’s fair to say that everyone has their own definition of what they find to be soothing,” says Ann. “I recommend choosing whatever colors you find relaxing and keeping the color scheme simple.”  For more color ideas, take a look at the latest bathroom color trends shared by Normandy Designer Karen Chanan.


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