Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: Shower Shaving Niche

Shower with storage niches and niche for shavingMany women can relate to the act of balancing in the shower while trying to shave their legs. Because showers come in all shapes and sizes, there might not be enough space to add a bench to eliminate that problem when planning your bathroom remodel. However, there are still some creative solutions to help meet your needs, like a little unassuming shelf called a shaving niche.

One option is a a creative use of a shower niche, which have commonly been used to store soaps, shampoos and other bath supplies. Adding a shaving niche on the lower part of your shower can also provide a space to easily prop up your leg when shaving. It’s an extremely useful option that doesn’t take up any additional space.

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Shower with glass door and niche storageniche for shower and shaving legs in the shower


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