Add Dimension and Detail to Your Kitchen Cabinetry with a Specialty Glaze

There are many custom features and finishes that can enhance the style and depth of your kitchen cabinetry. One of these popular add-ons is glazing. This is an extra step in the finishing process that can add warmth or an antiqued aesthetic to your cabinetry by using a pigmented glaze.

“Glazing works really well if the cabinet door is ornate because the glaze will be concentrated in the details, highlighting the details of the door,” said Normandy Designer Kathryn O’Donovan.  “It can also enhance the color of the paint or stain. For example, glazing and distressing a cabinet will better highlight the intricate details and design of the door and in some applications, the natural beauty of the wood.”

A glaze can be applied in a variety of ways, and different techniques achieve different results. The three most common ways to apply a glaze are as follows:

Ceruse Glazing – This is applying a light glaze to a wood species with an open grain. The grain is manipulated and the glaze is applied, absorbing into the open pores, thus highlighting the grain and texture of the wood.

Brushed Glazing – With brushed glazing, the glaze is lightly applied using a brush in a linear pattern. With this technique, the light brush strokes are visible, giving a subtle change to the appearance of the finish. This effect is most visible on the flat plane of a door style.

Traditional Glazing – Once the glaze is applied to the surface, it is hand wiped off. While the flat surfaces then have the majority of the glaze removed, the tint will still be visible in the detail of the door, helping to further enhance the door style. Depending upon the color of glaze being used, the color of the cabinet can become lighter or darker.

“Whatever the glazing application, the process can be applied to cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and decorative items such as corbels, carvings, and moldings,” added Kathryn.

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