5 Steps to Refinishing Your Hutch Without Sanding It

refinishing hutch color ideas created by Normandy Designer Ann StockardRefinishing a piece of furniture, such as a hutch, is a great way to breathe new life into it.  Normandy Designer Ann Stockard had a hutch in her kitchen that she just didn’t think fit in with the rest of the style.  “I didn’t like the color of the hutch, it didn’t match the rest of the décor and finishes in the room well,” says Ann.  “I knew I didn’t want to sand it, it just wasn’t worth that much effort in this case.  So after researching the best way to refinish the hutch without sanding it, I came up with a five step plan.

1.  I put protective flooring all around the hutch.

2.  I used Stix, a heavy duty primer over the entire hutch (except the glass).

3.  I chose a black paint and applied two coats.  The materials I used to paint and prime were foam rollers, and foam brushes for the detailed areas.

4.  I chose a peacock blue/turquoise hue for the backing of the hutch to add a pop of color.  I also used it inside the drawers.

5.  I updated the hardware on the hutch to better fit the style of the rest of the kitchen.

I’ve been very happy with the final product, and haven’t noticed any chipping or peeling thus far,” commented Ann.

painting hutch color ideas created by Normandy Designer Ann Stockard  Heavy duty primer ideas created by normandy designer ann stockard









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