The Benefits of a Linen Cabinet Versus a Linen Closet

Dark bathroom linen cabinetWhat if storing your linens and laundry was not only more functional, but also more beautiful? Linen closets – your run-of-the-mill drywall box with a door – will do the job, but a linen cabinet can save you space, provide more custom storage, and match or enhance your design aesthetic.

“A linen cabinet is more like a piece of furniture than just a closet with a door,” says Normandy Designer Laura Barber, AKBD. “You can add roll-out options for storage, tilt-out hampers, both vertical and horizontal storage, and hidden outlets for everything from hand-held garment steamers to coffee makers. These are all options not typically found in a regular linen closet.”

You can also choose to add crown moulding, base cabinet moulding and custom hardware, so that your linen and laundry hub becomes more like a stylish armoire.

For this project, Laura worked with clients who wanted to expand an existing walk-in closet, and needed to make room, so they decided to demolish the linen closet. Not only do cabinets take up less space than 4-walled closets, but they offer more-accessible vertical height for storage. This is especially helpful in smaller spaces, according to Laura. “Linen cabinets can be as shallow as twelve inches, which offers a lot of storage in a tighter area,” she says.

One thing to take into consideration is the increased cost that adding a linen cabinet can bring. It is more expensive to do custom cabinets tricked out with moulding and unique storage, especially if you plan to remove an existing drywall closet. But most people find that it’s worth spending the extra money for a design that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but makes their lives easier and more organized.

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