2012 Remodeling Excellence Award

In this example, the homeowners had a new baby and needed a four bedroom home, so they began the debate of whether to sell or add on. It was decided that not only was it more economical for them to add on, but the fact that they wouldn’t have to uproot their kids from school and deal with the general hassle of moving was very appealing. “In this case, we couldn’t expand the home out into the yard because of zoning restrictions. The home originally featured three bedrooms, and adding on over the garage provided ample room for not only an additional bedroom,” commented Tony, “But also a laundry room on the second floor for added convenience that better fit their lifestyle.” The homeowners were very happy with their decision and that they didn’t have to move to attain a home that fit their needs and lifestyle. Industry peers applaud Tony’s ability to create a seamless addition that looks like it was always part of the home from the inside out, and this project received a Remodeling Excellence Award from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

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