2024 Contractor of the Year Award

Condo Kitchen Remodel Earns Chicagoland Remodeling Award

Nearly every home has its challenges, it’s how you work through them that really matters. In this Chicago condo building, the homeowner merged two units and updated the kitchen as one of their top remodeling projects. Large structural beams and exposed mechanicals are what adds to this condo’s charm, but they also created some challenges when it came time to remodel the kitchen. Normandy Designer Jackie Jensen embraced the elements that made the space unique, incorporating them into an eclectic, modern kitchen, which suits this homeowner’s personality perfectly.

For the skillful approach to the design, the judges from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry of Greater Chicagoland deemed this kitchen one of note. This kitchen earned a Contractor of the Year Award for its creative approach and innovative problem solving.

Not every challenge is as obvious as this, but overcoming the quirks of your home are what makes our Designers among the best. Set up a time to talk with Jackie about your kitchen challenge, or find inspiration every day on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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