2024 Contractor of the Year Award

Pair of Islands Picks up a Win

Kitchens get a lot of foot traffic in virtually every home. So when this kitchen’s large single island was something the whole family had to keep walking around  to get where they were going, it became one of those invisible pain points that everyone just learned to live with. Normandy Designer Abby Osborn worked with this family on a broader first floor update, with the kitchen at its heart, to tackle the layout head-on. The aesthetic is fresh, bright, and up to date, but the biggest upgrade is to how well the space works.

With two islands this family now has dedicated zones for food prep and homework, the secondary island has even become a favorite work from home spot for the parents. Traffic patterns have eased and the flow through the kitchen is fluid and easy, as it should be.

Layout challenges are common in many kitchens, but after being accustomed to it for so long, it can be a pleasant surprise to have a daily frustration removed. The judges from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry of Greater Chicagoland found that Abby did an excellent job in creating a kitchen floorplan that made sense, earning this kitchen a Contractor of the Year Award.

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