2018 Remodeling Excellence Award

It’s a common scenario. A master bathroom that’s dark and segmented and definitely not relaxing. But all of that is about to change…

Normandy Designer Ashley Noethe was tasked with re-configuring the space to make the bathroom feel large and luxurious. “The footprint was there and by removing the interior walls that previously created a closed-off feeling, and were able to open up the space, giving it a large and airy atmosphere,” said Ashley.

The previous shower and commode were cramped in a closed off room. We removed the barrier wall, and were able to enlarge the shower. This allowed for much-needed elbow room while showering, as well as a small corner bench and a recessed niche for soaps and shampoos.

This storage was a big upgrade, as the only shower storage previously was what they were able to balance on top of the sliding door frame! This also gave more space to the toilet area, while maintaining privacy.

To further encourage the new open concept of the bathroom, the large bathtub and surround were rotated 90 degrees, now highlighted by the large skylight above. With plenty of space leftover, custom shelving was constructed on one end of the tub deck for storing towels and displaying décor. The previously separated lavatory sinks and vanity cabinets were combined into a double vanity with shared, yet individual, storage.

Continuing the marble-look from the shower, porcelain tile was selected for the tub deck, maintaining harmony with the rest of the room and minimizing the visual weight of the large structure. Using non-porous finishes makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze while maintaining a high-end aesthetic.

“In the end, this bright and open master bathroom eliminated the daily challenges the homeowners had struggled with for years, finally allowing them to begin and end each day in a stress-free, fully-functioning bathroom that is uniquely tailored just to them,” said Ashley.

This bathroom renovation recently won a Remodeling Excellence Award from NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) Greater Chicagoland. This award, which is selected by a panel of experts, recognizes beautiful and well-thought-out designs in the Chicagoland area.

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