2012 Top 500 Remodelers

Growing our business has always been a sign that we’re doing right by our customers, who through their kind referrals and recommendations help us continue to thrive.  We are honored to be listed among the Top 500 Remodelers in the US by Qualified Remodeler Magazine, with a ranking of #47 nationally.  A big “Thanks” to our wonderful customers who have chosen Normandy above all others to help make their ideal home a reality.

But the broader question for many homeowners is, what does this mean for me as a Normandy client? Working with a larger company brings a wide variety of perks for customers including the skill and expertise to create stunning designs, greater purchase power, and a consistently high-quality construction experience.

Normandy has grown to be one of the top  remodelers in the country based largely on the satisfied customers who refer us to their friends and family. You don’t get to be one of the biggest without also being one of the best. Normandy also enjoys significantly larger discounts on most products because of our volume purchases, which gives our customers a greater value for their construction dollar.

Being named a “Top Performer” in the Room Addition category by Qualified Remodeler magazine shows that we have significant experience in managing large scale projects, and making sure they run smoothly. We also complete a notable number interior remodels and exterior renovations, from porches to kitchens to hall bathrooms, the skills and systems that are put in place to help addition projects run smoothly are just as important in other renovations, all of which contributes to Normandy projects being completed on time and on budget.

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