2012 Chrysalis Award

19th Century Farmhouse Receives Award-Winning Face Lift

These young Chicago homeowners were able to give their fixer-upper 1897 urban farmhouse a timeless and fresh look, in an award-winning style to boot.  The homeowners bought this home fully realizing that it needed serious updates, and started from the inside out working with Normandy Design Manager Troy Pavelka. Two years ago, they started work on their kitchen design and remodel with Troy and were now ready to begin work on the outside of the home.  Like many homeowners with young children, they wanted the final result to be fairly low maintenance.

The home received new vinyl siding, meeting the goal of a very low maintenance exterior finish.  Additionally, new windows were installed to improve the ease of operation and increase energy efficiency.  To achieve a timeless feel, the colors black, white and warm grays were selected.  “The restoration of the transom windows and the new color scheme are what really gave the home’s exterior a fresh look,” commented Troy.

Overall, the results of both projects achieved everything the homeowners desired, with a style and quality they had not expected when initially considering their remodel.  Industry peers agree, and this fixer-upper earned a 2012 Chrysalis Award for the remodeled exterior.

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