What’s NOT included in Normandy’s services?

The Design Build experience takes you from your initial challenges with your home, all the way through to the final inspection and cleaning. Normandy takes care of design, blueprints, permits, product acquisition, construction and inspections, but there are a handful of items that we do not include in our services:

We leave spaces primed and ready for you to paint, but as many of our customers have their own preferred painter, we find that they are most happy to use their existing source to apply that final color.

Decorative lighting
There are so many sources and options available for decorative light fixtures, these items fall under the heading of decorating, rather than remodeling. We are happy to install the fixtures you select, and your designer will be sure to incorporate them into your plans.

Normandy takes care of hardwood flooring, tile, and vinyl flooring, but carpeting is one of the few items that we allow our customers to select and install on their own. Carpeting is typically installed after Normandy’s renovation work is completed, so you will be free to coordinate installation as your schedule permits.

We provide rough grade and backfill around new foundations, but finished grade and decorative landscaping is at the discretion of the homeowner.

There are few elements of home improvement that change more rapidly than the world of appliances. We may be specialists in lots of things, but we leave the selection and recommendation of appliances to the experts. Normandy partners with Abt Electronics, and are able to coordinate with their teams for installation during your remodel. Normandy customers are also able to get special discounts on particular lines through Abt, as well as an additional 1 year of warranty so ask your designer about getting started with an appliance specialist from Abt.

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