How long does a remodel take?

Some steps of the remodeling process are consistent regardless of your project, others are understandably dependent upon the scale and scope of the remodel or addition. Let’s break down the different phases to see what is common for each phase.

Design: 2-3 months
The first step in any remodel is to define the project. This stage involves working through design concepts and determining what best suits your needs and your budget. This time period may be longer or shorter, depending on how quickly you make decisions, or how refined or broad your initial project scope may be.

Blueprints: 2-3 months
The blueprint, permitting and product purchasing phase is next, which is when all the details of your project are finalized. In this phase you’ll review blueprints for your remodel or home addition and make finish selections. This time period has the potential to be extended by the permitting process, which is largely dependent on the capacity of your village’s building and zoning department.

Construction: 2-6 months
Construction is when it all becomes real. To minimize as much time in your home as possible, materials are ordered prior to the beginning of demolition, and a timeline of construction will give you a good sense of when your remodel will be completed. Daily communication from your Superintendent will keep you informed of the progress of your remodel.


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