Normandy Gives Back

Here at Normandy we realize and appreciate the success we’ve had, and try to sponsor events that will benefit others throughout the year.  One of the causes we’ve supported this year was related to the Disney 10k and Disney Princess Half Marathon, and we received this warm thank you letter in return (and fun pictures!):


Hello all —

Thank you thank you thank you for all of your generous donations to Give Kids the World for the Disney 10k and Disney Princess Half Marathon!  My daughter Veronica and I ran the 10k on a Saturday morning and then the Half Marathon the next day a few weeks ago.  We completed both and here are the pics to prove it!  We dressed up like Minnie Mouse for the 10k and I dressed up like Jasmine (Aladdin) for the Half Marathon.  It was steamy (80 plus degrees and 95% humidity) and embarrassing, but a lot of fun!  No track records were set by us but we did stop a lot along the way to get silly character pictures (I really felt sorry for those poor actors that had to be hugged by hundreds of sweaty runners!).

The real reason for all this was to support Give Kids the World.  We had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at their huge facility in Orlando while we were there.  What a place!  They work with Make a Wish and a network of doctors to give kids with life-threatening illnesses and their families an all-expenses paid week at the parks and at their facility, where the kids are treated like royalty!  All day free ice cream, Christmas and Halloween every week, arcades, water rides/tubes, presents every day.  Every week they host about 150 families.  It’s really amazing and run largely by volunteers.  They always can use more volunteers (picture a really rewarding add-on day to your next trip to Orlando!) so keep them in mind!

I really appreciate your support!











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