2013 Remodeling Excellence Award

Modern Tile Fireplace A Stunning Focal Point

A completely tiled fireplace and surrounding wall is the striking showpiece in a Glen Ellyn living room.  Created by Normandy Designer Karen Chanan, the modern design brings cream and gray tones to the space and wonderful texture that captures the eye as soon as you enter the room.

“We removed the windows that were originally on each side of the fireplace, and in doing so needed to go with a lighter color tile than planned to avoid a dark, uninviting space,” says Karen.  “Another benefit of choosing more neutral colors is that it’s easier to change up the furniture and décor in the room because you don’t have to compete with bold colors; this fireplace and wall combo is a bold design with simple colors that will remain a focal point in the room regardless of the surrounding décor.”

“This project was part of a larger project, and the fireplace and wall were constructed and built within a matter of days.  The results were truly dynamic,” commented Karen.  “It introduced a completely different aesthetic to the space, a contemporary taste that the homeowners were thrilled with.”  The focal point has been well received in the design industry, garnering an award from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry – Chicagoland.

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