Kitchen and Bath Ideas April 2012

We are so delighted to have our vintage-inspired, master bathroom featured in a Better Homes & Gardens Magazine, Kitchens and Bath Ideas! The story, entitled “Graceful Touch:  A Focus on Classic Design Turns a Tired Bathroom Into a Vintage-Inspired Beauty,” goes into depth on the bathroom’s “exquisite details” and the tapered selection process that was aligned with the homeowners’ goals of achieving an elegant, vintage look that would be cohesive with their 1920’s River Forest home, while remaining within their budget.

The bathroom features a beautiful crystal chandelier with matching sconces, while the cabinetry, painted a crisp white and adorned with crystal doorknobs, added ample storage and a timeless feel.  The original stained glass windows further enhanced the romantic ambiance the 1920s had to offer.

The his and hers sinks provide homeowners’ room for their daily routines and personal storage space.  To add even more detail to the room, a mosaic marble tile “rug” was placed in the center of the bathroom to draw the eye, and reflects the same treatment highlighted in the corner shower niche.  One of the triumphs of the bathroom remodel was the find of the acrylic twin to the bathroom’s well-worn cast-iron bathtub, which was more affordable and fit the vintage theme to a “T”. Overall, the look came together beautifully, and is “a room any girl would love,” according to the article.

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