2013 Contractor of the Year Award

Form Meets Function in White Kitchen Design

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the articles in our upcoming newsletter about an amazing kitchen!  A must read for those looking for white kitchen remodeling ideas!

“Adequate and innovative storage was the top priority for this dated kitchen, as the current layout and materials were inefficient and just not meeting the homeowners every day needs or reflecting their personal style.  Working closely with Normandy Designer Ann Stockard, new and improved plans started falling into place, and the homeowners couldn’t be happier with their new kitchen.  “The layout was really not conducive to a natural traffic flow, so we moved the major appliances around to create a better, more fluid work triangle,” says Ann, “We also created custom, highly functional cabinetry pieces to better meet their storage needs.”

A cozy banquette was created to double as seating and storage, while freeing up floor space to contribute to a smooth kitchen flow.  The open shelving next to the sink has been a favorite element of the kitchen to the homeowners,which gives them easy access to daily dishes.  The soft gray bead board behind the shelving ties in with the gray cabinetry accents surrounding the fridge.  “Sometimes people can confuse “white kitchen” with plain,” commented Ann, “But as you can see, when you add texture to materials and creative elements, it’s quite an appealing space.”  Industry peers applaud this white kitchen and the innovative storage solutions in each piece of cabinetry, and it received a 2013 Contractor of the Year Award (CotY) from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).”

Ann’s attention to detail in every aspect of a home remodel is what makes her so passionate and creative throughout the design process.  If you’d like to have her take a look at your space and discover its potential, schedule a complimentary, in-home consultation with her today!

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