2014 Remodeling Excellence Award

Award-Winning Glam Bathroom Addition Fit for Two

With two soon-to-be teenage daughters, these Clarendon Hills homeowners were experiencing a daily struggle for bathroom time to prepare for the day.  They knew that as the girls grew, this problem would grow with them, and decided to take steps to solve this problem before it got any worse.

They began working with Normandy Designer Stephanie Bryant on an addition to their home that would give the girls a bathroom of their own, and would be spacious enough for both of them to get ready at the same time, while accommodating their individual storage needs as well.

Their Cape Cod style home had an existing first floor addition with a flat roof, the perfect place to add their second story bathroom.  Stephanie made sure that the bathroom addition enhanced the beauty and style of the home by creating complementary roof lines and siding details that makes it look as though it’s always been a part of the home. “I added some large windows to bring in natural light,” noted Stephanie, “as well as an oval window that adds to the exterior look of the house while also bringing in yet another source of natural light.”

The interior of the new bathroom has plenty of space for the girls to start out the day, and ample storage for all the supplies that they could want or need.  “The silver tones in the mirror frame and beautiful honed marble countertop add a little bit of ‘glam’ for the girls,” says Stephanie. “On a more practical note, the storage has dedicated areas for each of the sisters, and integrated outlets within the cabinetry help keep clutter to a minimum.”  The vaulted ceiling in the bathroom takes advantage of the new roof line and makes the bathroom seem more open and spacious.

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