2013 Remodeling Excellence Award

3 Keys To Making A Large Bathroom Layout Work

Just like small bathrooms, large bathrooms can pose issues for homeowners.  “The biggest issue with large bathrooms is making everything in the space look proportional, to avoid overpowering the elements of the bathroom,” says Normandy Designer Jennifer Runner, AKBD.  “Three tips to filling out a large bathroom so nothing seems out of place are:

1.  Bring the cabinetry close to or all the way to the ceiling.  This helps the cabinetry fit the scale of the space and not be overwhelmed by the large area.

2.  Create a focal point.  This will anchor the room, helping the other elements in the space look appropriate.  In this bathroom, the tub serves as a focal point in front of a tile rug.

3.  Pay close attention to the proportion and scale of each element.  In large spaces, make sure you don’t have small light fixtures and thin cabinetry because they won’t be able to balance the space well.  The shower shouldn’t be a tiny square in the corner, it should be large enough to hold its own in the space.”

This Oak Brook bathroom remodeling project recently received a Remodeling Excellence Award from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, Chicagoland for its impeccable attention to proportion and scale, while meeting the homeowners’ functional needs.

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