2011 Remodeling Excellence Award

Glen Ellyn Home Exterior Update Wins Design Award

As this Glen Ellyn couple welcomed their first baby, they discovered their home’s entry wasn’t quite so family friendly.  The primary concern with their home’s exterior was that the main traffic route in and out of their home featured a too-narrow front walk and a stoop that wouldn’t accommodate their stroller safely. To add to their daily uneasiness, the roofline at that entry was allowing ice to form on the stoop and walk, which quickly moved things into the “we need help!” category.


Once the homeowners realized the front stoop and entry way need to be addressed, it only made sense to fix other parts of the exterior that they felt were washed out and dated, in order to save the time and money of doing it later.  The homeowners worked with Normandy Designer John Long to give the exterior more character and unique details to create curb appeal.  “Often times people don’t realize what a difference it makes to give a home a fresh look,” commented John, “These savvy homeowners saw their safety concerns as an opportunity to turn their home’s exterior into something they love coming home to each day.”


The new design features a wider front walk and a deeper front stoop that addressedthe safety factor and comfort level the homeowners were seeking, leaving no hint of worry over the idea of stumbling or tripping.  A craftsman-style roof above a new oak doorway was added with a traditional column to provide a more inviting look to the front stoop.  The craftsman-style was further enhanced when stone accents were added to the front and side of the home, creating texture variation at the same time.

A stunning focal point of the home is the copper roof over the new wood-grained garage door, which adds further depth to the home.  “The family’s told me since the remodel, that after coming home from walks and outings, they’re still so impressed with how wonderful their home looks and how much the level of functionality in their entry way has increased,” says John.  The fresh look and increased functionality of the home’s exterior earned a 2011 Remodeling Excellence Award from National Association Remodeling Industry (NARI) Greater Chicagoland.

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