2011 Best of the Best Award

Budget Friendly Exterior Facelift

This project just goes to show that sometimes small changes can go a long way.  These homeowners were eager to improve the curb appeal and overall design aesthetic of the homes’ exterior in a budget friendly manner.  The property is located in a lovely Hinsdale neighborhood, surrounded by well designed new as well as meticulously maintained older homes, featuring many unique architectural details, and known for it’s steadily high home values.  The area is considered to be a destination for those seeking distinctive design ideas for their own homes. As it stood, the owners didn’t feel the home reflected the characteristics and charm of the surrounding neighborhood.

They began working with Normandy Designer Leslie Lee to give their home a much needed facelift.  The front of the home initially appeared very flat and monochromatic. A lack of depth and any eye-catching detail was obvious. It became apparent that an exterior face-lift would be required to bring out the home’s true character. A new front porch created much needed drama and added depth to the front of the house.

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