2007 Best Of The Best Award

This sunroom addition by Normandy Designer Troy Pavelka received a 2007 “Best of the Best” award from Professional Remodeler Magazine.  Despite its small size, this room addition has a great deal of design complexity.

“According to the local zoning commission, the home could not take up any more than 25 percent of its buildable site,” says Troy. “This meant that we were restricted to a footprint of only about 65 square feet for the new space. The reality is that we were really lucky to be able to get an addition in there at all.”


The new three-season room blends effortlessly with the existing home, making it difficult to determine where the addition begins and the original home ends. Inside, a barrel ceiling captures additional height, allowing the height of the room to extend to nearly 11 feet.  Windows on all three sides of the room further visually increase the size of the room, without adding any additional square footage.

“This room is really deceptive,” says Troy. “For a small space, there is a lot of big design going on in there.”

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