Remodeling during COVID

Should I remodel during Coronavirus? It’s a question you’re no doubt pondering as you debate your upcoming renovation. Normandy Remodeling has been adding-on to homes and remodeling kitchens and bathrooms for over 40 years, and we’re using that experience to create a safe, efficient, and positive remodeling experience for our customers, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve outlined some information about how remodeling has changed due to Coronavirus, and we think you’ll agree that the changes will provide for a safe experience for all involved.

Our Standards


Consultations are available in-person or virtually, as local regulations permit, or as your comfort level determines.

In-person meetings happen much of the same way they have in the past, but with a few additional safety precautions. We ask all people involved in the meeting to wear a mask, unless everyone is vaccinated and comfortable going without, and to complete a health screening questionnaire prior to the meeting. Once your Designer arrives at your home, they will practice social distancing, but otherwise the meeting will proceed much as it would have in the pre-COVID era.

Virtual consultations involve the use of a video chat, like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or the like, and provide much of the same experience as an in-person meeting. In advance of the meeting, we’ll send some details for photos and measurements that will help your designer during your consultation. Then when you start your meeting, they’re already up to speed on your existing space and you can talk in depth about your frustrations, hopes and needs for the new space.

Design Studios

Our design studios have thousands of materials and finishes available for you to consider, so accordingly we are asking our guests to limit their touching of samples.  There are also meeting spaces that are available with Plexiglass dividers, if that is your preference. If you’re not comfortable visiting one of our design studios to make your product selections, we’ve got a solution for that too! Many product options can be shipped directly to your home so you can review your choices via video conference with your Designer.


We’ve always been highly focused on a clean construction site, with a particular emphasis on livable remodeling, and this emphasis has only increased since the spring of 2020. We separate the job site from the rest of your home as much as possible.  Temporary walls and doors along with plastic zip walls and zipper doors are often used to separate the work area from the living area where practical. On addition projects, we delay the breakthrough into your existing home as long as possible and our tradespeople are open to wearing masks if that is your preference.

One of the questions that people often have relates to timing and the potential for delays. While we do everything we can to ensure a swift remodel, there have been unique challenges that are causing unwanted delays. Our entire team is focused on staying abreast of potential product shortages, staffing limitations from the building departments, and any other unforeseen conditions that could delay your project, with the goal of minimizing those issues as much as possible. Rest assured, that we want an efficient remodel, completed to our high quality standards as much as you do, and we’re doing everything we can to minimize COVID related issues during construction.

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