Inverness Home Remodeling

People who prefer a quieter way of life are drawn to the large yards, meandering streets, and gently rolling hills that are typical in Inverness. This community embraces a small town feel that provides its residents with a daily escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Homes are lovingly maintained, and Normandy is privileged to have created additions and completed renovations in Inverness since the 1970’s.

What customers in Inverness say about Normandy Remodeling

"Excellent experience in design/building our sunroom. Our designer, Gary, went way beyond to provide alternatives...read more

Inverness Home Addition - Frank P.

Meet the Designers

Talented, passionate, and caring—the Normandy Designers find their joy in creating spaces that families can’t live without. Their creative problem-solving skills allow them to find beautiful solutions to challenges you didn’t expect. Meet the people whose life’s work is making homes the best they can be.

Meet the Designers

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